Footprint Around the World

iRobot is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts with an additional U.S. office in Pasadena, California and an international presence of 19 offices in 17 countries across EMEA and APAC. Throughout its global physical presence, the company takes tremendous pride in providing its teams with a workplace that is designed to encourage teamwork; maximize productivity; promote the overall health, wellness and safety of employees; and improve the company’s environmental impact. Over the past two years, an ongoing initiative to renovate the company’s headquarters campus is aimed at developing an office that balances productivity, sustainability and employee engagement. At the same time, as iRobot has grown both organically and through acquisition, the company has evolved from using a standard design for its offices to support customization at the local level while retaining a consistent corporate aesthetic.


At iRobot, we take the safety of every employee seriously.  All injuries (including near misses) are tracked and reported as part of a job hazard analysis.  The company takes tremendous pride in a near-zero level of OSHA reportable injuries.  First aid training is conducted at our US sites, as well as at other facilities around the world.  To ensure best practice and continually review safety practices, a Safety Committee, which is led by the facilities group and includes members of iRobot’s laboratory team, meets bi-monthly.  In addition, specific lab safety training is conducted in both the Bedford and Pasadena offices, which includes specific annual woodshop training consisting of up to two educational sessions per week over a six-week period.

Safety Chart

Office Waste

iRobot has partnered with E.L. Harvey for a sound solution to iRobot’s solid waste and recycling needs.  E.L. Harvey handles single-stream recycling, in which all paper products, plastics, tin cans, aluminum and glass are collected and brought back to their recycling facility where they are sorted through a combination of automated processes and manual handling for quality assurance.  In terms of electronic recycling, the total amount in weight collected this year from iRobot’s Bedford headquarters alone has been over 1,500 lbs. of batteries utilizing Green Network Exchange.

iRobot also engages Shred-it for best-practice in information security and privacy protection.  The 2020 numbers are as follows:  

Office Waste

Local Office Environmental Initiatives

iRobot supports its employees who make sustainable environmental decisions. These activities have historically been developed and supported at a local office level. Here are two examples:

Headquarters: Bedford, MA (US)

Electric Vehicle Parking

iRobot has embraced this trend and added 20 EV charging stations on site, located in two different areas of its Bedford headquarters campus facility.

Indoor Bicycle Parking

Hanging bicycle racks were installed in multiple entranceways across its Bedford campus.


As part of the Middlesex 3 Coalition, iRobot makes a shuttle available to and from Cambridge, Massachusetts, which helps reduce overall regional traffic and provides a more affordable, sustainable commuting alternative.

Sustainability Committee

iRobot has formed a sustainability committee composed of employees across the company. The newly formed committee has focused on reducing solid waste on the campus and is advancing a pilot program aimed at replacing single use utensils, cups and plates with reusable items.

Carbon Reduction Projects

iRobot is committed to reducing its overall carbon footprint. The Company has identified the following carbon reduction projects at its Bedford HQ:

Carbon Reduction


London, England (UK)

Energy Efficient

As a new space, the recently refurbished office is outfitted with dimmable lights and motion sensors/detectors, which helps improve overall energy efficiency and cost savings.

Award Winning Space

iRobot’s London office building received the 2019 Environmental Green Apple Gold Award for Environmental Best Practice as a result of recycling in excess of 70% of the waste produced on site. Recycling activities at this office include cardboard, batteries, plastics, paper and cans. In addition, the company uses the Nespresso recyclable coffee system and coffee pods and participates in the HP Planet Partners program for recyclable printer toner.


At the canteen, there is no plastic or paper crockery and cutlery – even larger corporate events use proper, non-disposable items instead of disposable dishware, glassware or silverware.

Green Space

The office has contracted with a plant supplier to allow for a greener, healthier business environment.


Electrical Usage

Natural Gas Usage

Water Consumption

Waste Managment