iRobot Family

Regulatory Compliance

iRobot’s Roomba® robotic vacuum cleaner was first introduced in 2002 and has been the category leader ever since. In the two decades that have passed, the company has continued to innovate, and successive generations of new Roomba® platforms have ushered in notable advances in cleaning performance and functionality. In conjunction with these developments, iRobot continues to invest the resources necessary to ensure that Roomba®, its mopping companion Braava®, and its other offerings comply with applicable environmental and other regulatory requirements related to connectivity standards, power consumption, electromagnetic compatibility, hazardous materials and overall product safety.

Substance & Materials Management
Building market-leading robots that delight millions of customers on any given day requires attention to detail. We work closely with our contract manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our products themselves are not hazardous to the consumer. As part of this effort, we strive to eliminate, whenever possible, the use of materials and chemicals that could damage the environment or endanger the health of anyone involved in making or using our products. This initiative spans not only analyzing and assessing the materials and components used to make our floor cleaning robot but the lithium ion batteries used to power them and the cleaning solution used by our Braava robot mops.