Data Privacy and Security

Data Privacy & Security

Data Privacy
At iRobot, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of customer-related information, including data collected by our connected products. We do not sell information about our customers to third parties. Our privacy policy allows customers to share data with third parties for the customer's benefit, if they so choose. Additionally, Wi-Fi connected robot performance data is encrypted and sent to our Cloud, where it is stored securely, so it can be shown on the customer’s mobile device and help the customer or iRobot Customer Care diagnose potential performance issues. To assess performance of our robots in the field, inform our product development roadmaps and help our support teams be more responsive, we anonymize and aggregate performance data about our robots.


Data Security
We take the security of our products very seriously and do everything in our control to make sure the data we have in our system is used for one purpose: making your life easier with iRobot products. Our approach to security is multi-layered around our robots, our Cloud and our apps. We adhere to industry-standard security best practices when developing our products, using technology-leading tools to assist our engineering and security teams during this process. We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure that our products and our suppliers' and partners' supporting systems (including physical infrastructure, Cloud and mobile apps) are properly configured and monitored with continuous security improvement processes in place.

In January 2021, iRobot’s Roomba was the only robot vacuum cleaner to earn Consumer Reports’ Excellent rating for data security. But we do not rest on our laurels. We continuously research, develop and modify our processes to help us identify, react to, isolate and resolve security issues within our company and our products as quickly as possible. We also collaborate with independent security researchers who are encouraged to identify issues within our products.