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Your Privacy is our Priority.

Even though we’re a robotics company, we’re human at our heart, and we value privacy just like you. We thought our privacy policy should be effortless, just like our robots—so we put everything into one quick summary to explain how we use data to improve your experience and make your robot perform better.

We’re committed to protecting your data.

You invite our robots into your home because you trust us—and we take that trust seriously when it comes to your data, with the highest standards of privacy protection.

We’re transparent.

We’re clear about what information we collect and why we collect it, always proactively communicating with you.
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You’re in control.

Our robots gather data to improve your experience and to help them do their jobs better—more accurately and customised to your precise needs. But if you don’t want your data shared with us, just change the settings in the App, send us an email or give us a call.
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We keep your data secure.

The data we collect is kept safe using the highest industry standards —and used to improve your experience and your robot’s performance.
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